Berlin-based singer/songwriter Katie Drives hit again with her new single “Next To You” on the 2nd of December, 2022. Although she’s been writing songs for only two years, Drives’ music is real and authentic, showing a lot of character as she tackles modern obstacles young adults face, or as she described it “The title “Next To You“ sounds like a love song but the song is actually about something very different: It describes the rollercoaster of appreciation, self-doubts, envy, and feelings of guilt when comparing to others. Whether on social media or among your own friends…“

So, let me tell you what it sounds like,

The warm guitars and Katie Drives’ angelic vocals created the perfect opener for “Next To You”. The song smoothly takes its uplifting energetic form as it moves with the perfect build-up from verse to bridge, until it explodes with a catchy engaging chorus that can easily get stuck in your mind right from the first listen. Drives’ full professional control of her vocals gave her the ability to perfectly control the song’s dynamics, she smoothly shifts between melodies and sounds, easily delivering the feelings and emotions she wants. Around 2:30 minutes mark, “Next To You” gets a little interlude that sets the tone and eases the listener into a big well deserved energetic outro perfecting its dynamics, and ending the song on a high note.

“Next To You” is a full-of-life, upbeat tune by Katie Drives, her warm expressive vocals make everything sounds easy and laid back as she transfers loads of emotions through her melodies. The song has a simple yet super entertaining catchy structure, with balanced dynamics that’ll get the crowds moving, singing along, and asking for more. Looking forward to more from Katie Drives, keep on rocking, cheers!