Think of a band called TruckerBomb. What would you imagine their sound to be? Well, you’re correct, and we were too, and that made us glad. 

A band based in Los Angeles, TruckerBomb is a band that play hard rocking, grungy, bluesy music, with gutsy riffs, in the midst of the smell of beer, and a haze of cigarette smoke. Out of place, frontman Troy Richardson is unfazed as he remains eager to cover the sunset strip with his memorable riffs, lyrics, and his band’s heavy, grooving sound, confident that it’s only a matter of time before their music gets picked for a major film. 

Next Last Drink has the characteristic sound of 70s classic rock. With writhing, intricate riffs that call to mind those of Jimmy Page, a bass and drum groove so tight, you can basically see Deep Purple bob their heads in appreciation, and an understated vocal performance from Richardson that does an amazing job in keeping a level head along with the flurry of characterful guitars and the meaty sounding bass; as it would have easy to mush up this whole arrangement has the vocals decided to show a little more flourish. The result of this maturity is a song that’s incredibly punchy and busy, but never noisy or overpowering. A masterclass in arranging. Also a masterclass in bass tones. 

TruckerBomb’s passion is infectious. You can imagine that playing 70s hard rocking country and Americana to Hollywood dwellers in 2023 might be risky. It is. TruckerBomb knows it, and they are unaffected by it, and that tells me all I need to know about this tight group of musicians, and it gives me all the reasons to love them.