You know, it’s been ages until I found a melodic death track that I really adore from the first riff. I have always been a fan of late ’80s/early ’90s metal bands, but I can’t recall that any groups caught my ears in the 2000s, until today when I listened to Rival Order‘s Next In Line.

The answer is pretty easy, imagine that I am talking about the original old-school death metal sound in a modern metal arrangement, impressive right? The vocals are pretty stunning because featuring Chris Clancy on vocals was a great choice indeed, his singing capabilities amazed me really and not like other death metal singers who just about brutal annoying voices, also, I should mention that the songwriter is like the film director, Joey Rival songwriting is pretty stunning and that what made a great sound lead guitar sounding by Pat Reilly and incredible bassline by Lou Hannoe. To complete such an extraordinary picture, I will add the outstanding Megadeth drummer, Dirk Verbeuren. Definitely, we should salute the sound mix by Danny “Danymal” Lee and the mastering process by Andy Vandette for giving THE BEST MELODIC DEATH METAL IN 2021. Feel it below and try to control your head! 

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Mena Ezzat


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