With a plan to release a single every month, the Florida-based rockers Kreajours dropped their single Newwave on the 26th of December 2023 as they tease their debut record Transmission. Described by the band as “a dreamy shoegazey track that pays homage to new beginnings and fresh starts.”, Newwave will get you deeply into Kreajours’ atmospheric world. Let me tell you more about it.

Kreajours opened Newwave with a relentless, fluid riff that’s basically considered its core melody, as they embark on an atmospheric journey. Experimenting with a big spacious sound and a driving groove that doesn’t stop from the beginning till its end, Kreajours created a simple and irresistible flow with a psychedelic touch and a melodic escalation that totally depends on the spacey vocal harmonies, a killer groove provided by the jazzy entertaining drumming, and streaming unstoppable guitar melodies that smoothly carries the listeners throughout the song’s seamless twists and turns.

Newwave is a solid, interesting tune with a unified flow and hypnotizing melodies, it has an exploding energy that fills the listeners as they follow its ups and downs while getting drowned within its big melodic sound that keeps pushing forward. It clearly shows Kreajours’ well-knowledge of their sound and direction as they cleverly steered toward their desired goal while keeping me fully on board. Looking forward to more from Kreajours, keep on rocking. Cheers!