With deep roots in rock and roll and heavy blues rock influences, the seasoned LA-based singer/songwriter Rich Campanella is back with The Sun Rise Band on his latest single New Wind Comin’ which was dropped on the 24th of November 2023. Let me tell you more about it. 

Rich Campanella & The Sun Rise Band kickstarted New Wind Comin’ with a rocking riff, storming Hendrix-ey guitars, and warm organs, promising a rocking tune to come. New Wind Comin’ has a powerful flow with loads of melodies, solos, and licks perfectly layered and arranged, creating a beautiful harmonic flow where each and every note is well-heard within a solid, extremely dynamic structure that only moves forward. It has some top-notch guitar bluesy guitar work with diverse shredding styles, all coming together in an interesting stream of solos and melodies that kept me in THE ZONE throughout the whole song, following its unpredictable twists and turns that kept its sound fresh and organic. 

New Wind Comin’ is a solid tune that shows great musicianship and writing skills from Rich Campanella and The Sun Rise Band. The way they managed to steer their sound towards a bigger more detailed one without compromising any of their elements, created a defined sound with an intense conversation between guitars, organs, and blasting groovy drums. I’ll definitely be looking forward to more, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!