Scarlet Aura has been on the forefront of the heavy metal scene, consistently delivering high-energy performances, and pushing the boundaries of the genre with their unique sound, power and performance. Their upcoming single “Rock în Sange și Voință” is no exception. With its powerful lyrics, driving beats, and soaring vocals, the track promises to be a headbanging anthem that will resonate with metalheads around the world.

Listen to the single here

The song’s message is particularly timely in today’s world, as it calls for unity, trust, and support among musicians, artists, and the wider community of metalheads and tattoo lovers. It emphasizes the importance of having an iron will, taking responsibility for one’s actions, and working hard to achieve excellence in one’s chosen field, making success as part of your own print, of your own body under the form of a tattoo or just of will.

Scarlet Aura‘s new single is not just a song, but a representation of the band’s journey and what they stand for. The band’s latest release promises to inspire and uplift fans with its message of perseverance, unity, and hope and will for sure impress both long-time fans and new listeners. The single was written in 2021 and first released on MusinkForHumanity CD compilation by “Asociația Tattoo & Piercing România” (Next Level Tattoos by Costi Azoiței) last year and eventually became a title track for band’s first album fully written in Romanian. Costi Azoiței, known also as one of the best tattoo artists in Europe and beyond is also guilty for the artwork of the album.

Mihai Danciulescu shares:“Rock in Blood and Will” is not just a song, but represents entirely who we are today. It´s been almost 20 years of music and searches for each of us, members of the Scarlet Aura band. Music is not something we do, it´s something we are, and so today, through our self-education in music, we are shaped by rock and willpower. You can only reach excellence if you have an iron will, if you take responsibility for what you have chosen to do, and especially if you want to evolve, to become better, to be ambitious and have faith in the day to come, in the colleagues next to you on stage, or in the audience for whom you write, sing, and live music. It’s amazing how we found each other with Costi Azoiței that inspired us in making a song about metal and tattoos and how this became the start of our future album and also an amazingly beautiful collaboration with him that ended with him making especially for us this extraordinary album artwork. We are a community, we artists and musicians, and today, through this song, we are happy to bring added value to it by singing out loud about our world, about tattoo artists and tattoos. Unity, trust, and being there for each other is the message that our song wants to convey, a message that is so much needed today, everywhere in the world, but especially in our world of music and fine arts.”

Scarlet Aura‘s new single is available on all major music platforms on March 24th, 2023. The full album “Rock in Sange si Vointa”, featuring 11 songs, will be released on May 5th 2023 via Universal Music Romania and Silver City Records.

“Rock în Sânge și Voință” track list:

1. Rock în Sânge și Voință
2. Îngeri și Demoni
3. Blestemul Sfinților
4. Regina Nopții
5. Veteranii
6. România Cântă Rock
7. Cu Pletele-n Vânt
8. Aripi Pentru Toți
9. Sunt Eu … o Umbră
10. Uniți Până La Moarte

11. Ploaia (SPIN cover)