TJ Foster

Garage rock is and will always be the underdog, fighting with all the colors of emotions, cutting in the mix and radiating energy and power…and luckily, today we’re witnessing that raw power from the guys at Eighty Six Press with their debut single “New Noise”.

Eighty Six Press is a newly formed alt-rock-garage-rock band, Nashville born and bred…

A city with a big history both in music and guitar culture!

Now let’s get to know the guys at Eighty Six Press…

Eric Vattima on guitar…

Jake Turner on guitar…

Arquel Riviera on drums…

…these guys are making some huge sounds and introducing some new noise on the block.

They play in the vein of The Black Keys or Royal Blood with their powerful riff based songs.

Guitar riffs…guitar riffs everywhere is their latest “New Noise”.

If you are a riff-head, you gotta check this one out.

Why don’t we get into the nitty gritty details of the song? Let’s!

“New Noise” has this vibe of a “garage-rock” vibe that feels very real and relatable…you know when we got with our friends and just wanted to express ourselves through music? Well, this song is a very real testament of how this…can turn into something big!

The intro is pure garage rock tone…setting the scene

Muted guitar riffs…big crashes on the drums…an in-your-face vocal line…

Throughout the song the guitar and vocals keep alternating and playing with melodies…

…and this is all just the verse…it keeps building up till it reaches the chorus.

At the chorus, everything explodes and goes to 10.

…that’s a good time to mention that the song has maybe a couple of expletives, pure rock and roll.

The main vocal line and the backup vocal lines are all doing an awesome job of conveying the energy of rock, while the guitar is hooking us with awesome riffs, licks and lines…and of course, the drums are driving the energy of the song.

The drums are what I like to call the “build-up machine”…it can make or break a song’s build up dynamics…and in “New Noise”, the drums are getting us ready for each huge chorus moment after a fill…or a creative buildup of some kind!

…and of course, what rock song is complete without a guitar solo? None!

Yes, they have a solo…

“New Noise” is Eighty Six Press’ debut song, an impressive feat and it also acts as a statement for the band, this is who we are, we are true, we are raw and we are here to make in-your-face rock songs.

If this is their starting point then, I can only see them climbing up the ladder with a faster pace than others and we wish them all the luck in the world.


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