Walhalla is a Black Thrash Metal band from Hellsinki, Finland. Music could be described as a crossover from Slayer / Unleashed / Celtic Frost with some heavier than shit parts. And also somewhat similar to Destruction’s “The Antichrist” but heavier with some blast parts.

Walhalla was originally formed in 1997. Original members were Ceaser T McLaunone, Lord Heikkinen and Agathon The Beast. The aim was to do raw blasting Black Thrash metal with a live attitude. And so they did. The first demo “War Over Nordland” was released in 1997. The demo was recorded at Munkkivuori Studios by mighty producer Hiili Hiilesmaa . After that a friend Trooper Lawatla joined the band and the line up was completed.

The demo was released as an EP via Root of All Evil Records in 1998. Then the band did a splitt EP with Greek Macabre Omen.

After a couple of gigs in all over Finland, Walhalla entered the studio for the debut album. Album was recorded at Lauttasaari in Waltari´s rehearsal studio. Trooper played also with Waltari at the time. Firereich was made entirely live. Usually songs were created after a case of beer, except already existing ones…obviously. But those were done aftre a “couple” of beers. We had an attitude, that no one leaves the building before the songs is done. Sometimes it took a day, sometimes two.

Firereich was released through Root of All Evil Records in 2000. Album got pretty good reviews, but as all members were busy Walhalla could do just a couple of gigs every now and then. The fuzz faded in time. We did practise once in a while and some rehearsal tapes remain. Time shall tell what happens with them. There are some cool riffs for sure.

Lord – “We did have some talk about doing new stuff with Walhalla during these years. Especially when having a drink together with Agathon and Trooper. It got concrete when I started to do some riffs in 2018. Agathon approved and the machine got started. We started to put the songs together and in 2020 first songs were laid down. Unfortunately those were the last songs Agathon ever played as he suffered from a cancer and he past away before the album got completed. Before his death, he gave Suntio a permission to complete the album and continue this metal mission. All Hail Agathon!”

Count Penetrator joined the ranks of Walhalla as a vocalist before the band started recording the “Release The Beast”. He is absolutely the perfect voice for raw yet catchy Black / Thrash / Death Walhalla is playing. And when Varjag joined as a bassist the line up was completed. His bass playing is like tanks going through the fields of desolation. Also guest guitaris Micko Hell is now a full member in the band. Welcome Brothers!

Recordings for “Release The Beast” took place in several occasions. In Nummela, in Hellohole Hellsinki and in D-studios Klaukkala. Reelease date is set late April 2023 via Great Dane Records.

Walhalla released Morningstar Above digital single via most of the streams available on 6th of December 2022.


Press via Kostas Salomidis