Canadian Rockers BLAZE PROJECT crystallize the enigma of passion with a new album Enjoy This Momentfollowing the release of the single, Sweet Little Misery – the album is available now!

The song is the main track of the Quebec band’s latest LP, Enjoy This Moment, available now.

“Sweet Little Misery” is a thunderous, bluesy and breathtaking rock’n’roll song with a groaning guitar solo that recalls the energy of an arena and a melodic or catchy vocal line, a perfect summer song for road trips.

This fits well with the overall theme of Enjoy This Moment, which is to capture a positive mood with an open heart and arms. Composed in the band’s home studio and recorded at the renowned Studio Wild during the pandemic, the album was fueled by Blaze Project’s need to create and make a difference in these somewhat troubling times.

“The songs deal with the beauties of the world and nature, interpersonal relationships, passion, determination, the happiness of living and enjoying the good things in life,” explains the band, about the 10 songs, which give in an accessible rock style tinged with funk, blues, pop and indie.

“Each musician brings his color,” they say. “That’s what gives it the Blaze Project touch.”

While each song is about a different message and narrative, the common thread of Enjoy This Moment is the desire to create positive, emotional and catchy music.

Blaze Project is now associated with the highly regarded Eric Alper for English-speaking Canada.


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