Not only are the lyrics shining through to convey a rebellious message, but so do the on-fire vocals that carry the message with power and intensity, as if it’s willing to eliminate all the physical and psychological violence on earth. The powerful, passionate vocals sounded like a cross between the British singer Amy Winehouse and the Italian singer Fiorella Mannoia, creating a one-of-a-kind sound. The aggressive attitude that’s ready to act against the abusers and their violence is obvious in every element of the composition; the hard rock vibes coming from the killer electric guitar chords, with their bluesy feel, the superb drumbeats, and the glance of pop. And thanks to the brilliant producer Pietro Foresti’s work, it’s all aligned with Blake’s vocals that can’t be tamed, to inspire everyone to say: “I’ll never put my happiness in others’ hands.”

Taking action and rebelling against any form of violence isn’t easy, but it’s necessary. You can’t wait around for people who mistreat you to change! You must stand up for yourself and learn how to say “Nevermore.”

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