Hailing from Austin, Texas, Bridges Ablaze are here with their diverse influences that’s soaked in heavy metal and distortion on their latest single Never Too Late. A song about “never giving up in the fight against your inner demons” as described by the band, Never Too Late will take you on a headbanging journey and leave you following Bridges Ablaze for more. Let me tell you about it. 

Opening on a highly energetic note with some roller-coaster riffing, Bridges Ablaze solidified their sound on Never Too Late. Those guys have a relentless heavy sound with irresistible melodic tendencies, and it shows clearly in their brilliant writing that mixes pounding drums and hard-hitting riffs with big melodic guitars and vocals, all in a solid interesting structure. I loved how the vocal melody played a major role in setting the dynamic balance we mentioned before, keeping the deep emotional part alive throughout the song’s twists and turns. Bridges Ablaze are hitting with full force in Never Too Late, laying some powerful guitar work in those blasting riffs, melodic licks and harmonies, and guitar hero solos, alongside groovy dense drumming that boosted the song’s energy. 

Never Too Late is an engaging energetic piece that satisfies every metalhead’s needs, without losing focus or compromising the emotional/musical side. They managed to give a hard unstoppable flow that’ll keep you hooked and moving, within some smooth dynamic shifts that spiced things up and kept it interesting till the very end. Looking forward to more from Bridges Ablaze, I think I’ll be digging deeper into their catalog. Cheers!