Alise Albitre

With their third collaboration with singer/songwriter/producer Sophia Prise, Everything But The Everything are back with their new heart-hitting single “Never Said”. As usually produced by Rex Shelverton, “Never Said” offers a warm sweet sound that’ll make you fall in love with it once you hit play. Let me tell you why.

“Never Said” opens with more disco-like or 90s pop-rock retro vibes. The unique production was the first thing that grabbed my attention, it resulted in a warm intimate sound that fit Sophia Prise‘s vocals perfectly. Digging deeper into the music, Everything But The Everything managed to create a state of emotional progression with their guitar tone choice, melodic guitars, and synths. Those guitars and synths kept on building up alongside the deep bass and beautiful sincere vocal melody, to a big sounding super catchy chorus that sets up the tone for the rest of the song’s progression. Everything But The Everything brilliantly steered the mood, keeping that touching heartfelt vibe without compromising the song’s dynamics, and the result was simply impressive!

Everything But The Everything sends regard to a lot of goth, classic pop, and pop rock influences, with a unique sound and way of writing/mixing melodies that’s their very own. “Never Said” has lots of layers and melodies that are well-written and arranged with a keen production on its emotional side, making it an enjoyable bitter-sweet-sounding piece that creates a deep bond with the listener. Will always keep on looking for more from Everything But The Everything, keep on rocking, cheers!


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