“Never Minded Being Alone (but lately) is a song about love in a time of disconnection.” Says Nick Cheshire, the multi-instrumentalist behind the Alternative rock project “Indigo Daydream.” The single is touching and relatable since we’ve been all forced to be apart and feel like these last couple of years, we’re “lost inside a dream.” The lyrics, however, are not all doom and gloom; they contain some rays of hope, such as “hold me close, don’t let go, is what I live for.”

The single is a soundscape with dreamy vibes that makes your memories of the last two years flash in your head within the two-minute length of the single. The lyrics, melodies, and vocals are all working together perfectly to create that hypnotic soundscape, as the vocals are capable of making the words come to life and altering the sensations of loneliness, longing, and hope with an honest voice full of passion and evocative ambience. The rockin’ guitar riffs are an essential ingredient in making those dream-like vibes right from the beginning, with the drumbeats wrapped around them, creating such an outstanding rhythm.

Do a favor for your heart and soul, and listen to the single below:

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