With a solid line-up of seasoned Detroit-based artists, Spyderhuff was launched. Tom Kuhr (vocals/guitar/harmonica/sax/synth), Don Beyer (bass/synth), Jim Pauli (drums), Joey Gaydos (guitar), Tony Mitchell (congas/bongos/drums/backing vocals), and Julie Noe (backing vocals) teamed together releasing a series of singles about the seven deadly sins under the name “SIN7”, and today we’re going to review their latest single “Never Am I Full-Gluttony ”.

“Never Am I Full-Gluttony” opens with pure unmistakable country guitars, storytelling charismatica vocals, and dominating harmonica. The subtle bass line plays a great role in keeping the song’s pace and mellow vibes, while the electric guitars and harmonica engage in a playful, interesting conversation, forming the perfect setup for Spyderhuff’s folky/country approach. The vocal melody kept its expressive tone while keeping up with the music’s progression, and being backed by amazingly-timed backing vocals with perfect harmonies. Spyderhuff’s clear vision and direction appears clearly on the dynamics of “Never Am I Full-Gluttony ”, they managed to create an interesting flow without borrowing any out-of-genre elements or sounds.

 “Never Am I Full-Gluttony” is a solid country tune with a clear message and enjoyable mellow melodies. Spyderhuff’s sound shows determination, and well knowledge of their sound, creating a worth checking out catchy piece that’s appealing to any music genre lover. Looking forward to more from Spyderhuff, keep on rocking guys, cheers!