Stefan Altvall

If you ever happen to play music with someone who happens to share the same favorite all-time album with you, never lose them.

That is the case with Smoke Spider. Blazingly cool name aside, Smoke Spider is a Swedish duo from Gothenburg that writes, records, and releases songs. That’s simple. With a unique approach that’s due to clear limitations in manpower, the duo’s sound is melodic, heavy, and with a clear nod towards Classic Rock sounds.

Nervous is one more in this string of melodic singles. Swaggering, colorful, and full of character. The arrangement features, prominently, a distorted guitar, riffing, and a deep bass, grooving. The drums are there, but mixed very low, resulting in a sound that’s very rich with mids, leaving the bass end of the spectrum the sole duty of the bass guitar, which indeed plays lower down the neck, thick, uniform, bassy notes. The vocals are clearly inspired by classic ACDC, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, among a plethora of other Classic Rock giants. The songwriting is solid and the performances leave nothing to be desired. If you can dig the sound, you’ll dig the song.

Nervous is a rocking, riffing, pounding tune that manages to strike that illusive Classic Rock nail right on the head, producing a sound that’s one of a kind. Full of attitude, swagger, and endless fun.