A soulful rock band “The Art Crimes Band” from Iceland has been making great music since 2011. Releasing a hint of the 1980’s tracks in this piece “Neon Skyline.”This band has all the essential elements to create amazing music that properly matches their vibes. The band members are Gary Baus (Alto Saxophone), Stephen Kirby (Guitars), Niall Dennehy (Drums & Percussion), Grace McMahon (Vocals), Tim O’Leary (Bass) and Katie O’Donnell (Piano & Keyboards),

“Neon Skyline” stands out from other songs with its mix of jazzy and rock sounds. It has a fantastic rocking opening that immediately puts you in the song’s vibe. Its groove will get you to start tapping your feet to the magic that comes out of it.

This song’s lyrics express obvious feelings through its sparkling pleasure and affection, which Grace’s voice portrays. All jazz lovers will find their music to be harmonic after listening to it.

Their music is perfect to listen to while having a late night drink with your friends and vibing to it or on a rainy night-in by yourself that will ease your day. You can check out “Smooth Operator,” “Pistol Dripping,” “If Only,” “Love For A Lark” and “Radio.”