A.P. Michaels’s “Neon Love” is an entire sonic realm where you’ll find your emotions on a touching yet bumpy journey filled with surprises.

The Brooklyn-based singer knows no limits to music genres. He unleashes his talents and sensations, resulting in a musical wonder like “Neon Love,” which can’t be put under a specific lapel but is an ethereal odyssey.

“Neon Love” begins with a mellow, soulful intro that may lead you to believe you’re about to hear another typical blues song about heartbreak, but as the song progresses, your expectations will be shattered just as “neon love will break your bones.” 

“Neon Love was written in a tumultuous period of my life, at the apex of my frustration with romantic pursuits. I was tired of the all too often unrequited, imbalanced, or abusive relationships I had found myself in.” Says A.P. And the ingenuity of the song is that it conveys the concept through its well-crafted sound and heart-felt vocal delivery, how peaceful everything feels at first vs how it feels when on a slow-burn technique, one gets frustrated and hurt.

The lyrical content is written in a poetic, heart-breaking manner that makes you feel the sincere sensations, whether you relate or not. Especially when it’s being delivered with mesmerizing rhythm and a poignant, warm vocal line. A.P. has such an angelic voice that can be brutal when it’s required, as he would go easy on you at the beginning, and as he passionately keeps going, he takes your breath away.

The Blues/Rock blend with the Soul hint feels like a match made in heaven in this harmonic arrangement. It somehow brings a sonic version of what neon love sounds like. The instruments are atmospheric and shine on their own, while at the same time, polishing the vocals to standout.

It’s astonishing how A.P. Michaels was able to make a soundscape that could make you feel light and overwhelmed at once. The listening experience was like, “wow! That’s too much! But why do I feel good?! Well, let’s play it again.”

This creative artist’s next release, titled “communicate,” is a Pop song. So, I can’t wait to see how he’ll distinguish himself in another uncanny vessel.