Vikki Minor (FKA “velours”) is an award-nominated neo-90s alt-pop artist proudly from Saskatoon, SK, and now partially based in Toronto, ON. She’s earned nominations for awards like Rock/Pop Artist of the Year at the SaskMusic Awards three years in a row and Pop Artist of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards. Minor’s music is a seamless blend of synth-pop and alternative rock, with powerful vocals and a rock star edge noted by wide-ranging audiences, news outlets, and fellow musicians.

Produced by L.A.’s Zack Burke and mixed by Dean Maher, “COOL” is Minor’s 90s-referencing, unabashedly fun-loving new single that lists all of the cool things about a person she’s crushing on from afar. It combines a rock edge with its guitar and vocal growls, and an excitedly catchy chorus. If you listen closely, you can hear Minor talk to her crush about his vinyl collection and the potential thrift store date the pair could go on.

Saskatoon’s own Rakk Productions tackled the fun, unabashedly earnest music video for “COOL,” with Minor also taking the reins as director. The nostalgic, 2000s-esque music video plays on the silly aspects already in the song and was filmed in a weekend at various Saskatoon locations with a small but amazing team.

We’ve all had a crush – either on a friend or a stranger we saw for two seconds across the record store, where we can’t help obsessing and imagining our lives with them. The colours seem brighter and just thinking about them makes you want to dance on your bed to your favourite CD. I wrote the chorus first and fell in love with the hook, then wrote the verses listing the coolest things about a person I could think of and got a bit cheeky in the bridge about how this crush may not last forever, but it’s “worth a shot!” – Vikki Minor

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