It can be considered the soundtrack for a movie scene in a movie that tells a story of social relations, and when the singing begins, you make sure that it is really like that. This is Needin’ Reason, the new and second single from singer, writer, and guitarist Silent D.

Silent D collaborated with Tony Narvaez and Dani Twice in this song, to give us something different with color, taste, and smell, inspired by an experience that will absorb our minds, excite our souls, and ignite our bodies with movement.

Its tunes are lively and vibrant, from the choppy thrusts of the guitar to the discreet beats of the drums and bells that pop up from time to time, the emotions that drive the different singing styles within them, and the blasting of bass sounds, making them powerful in their way with a mix of Funk and R&B.

The story “Needin Reason” sounds like its name, it is about the experience of a person who needs a very strong excuse or reason to get out of a particular environment, situation, or relationship. Especially when it is impossible to get himself out of all this on his own, so he finds himself looking for help or an external reason that pushes him toward what he wants. It can be summed up in one sentence, which is “Go away and you don’t want to go away.” So this song will not get out of your head easily.

Silent D is a talented and sophisticated singer, and this is what you will notice when you finish listening to “Needin Reason” and go to hear his first single “Set You Down”, which was released this year as well, to judge on your own that he deserves to hear and listen to every new thing he releases.