Peter Carlsson

If you were to take a long road trip at noon with a member of your family in the summer of 2007 then this is the sound track to go, nostalgia was the first sentiment you’d get once the first chord is played in this piece. Hailing from the south of Sweden and dedicating her career to making americana and country tracks.

Once Cicci starts singing adding her beautiful voice to the wonderful mix of music the least word you can use is mind blowing. 


According to Cicci the track is “a summary of her feelings for the past 2 years”. 

A Lot of feelings are being channelled here and that’s very genuine in her music.

With her unique timbre that can fit more than one genre and that’s why she brings elements from rock and blues in here.Would be looking forward to listening to pieces like that more in the future since her unique type of her voice can go with other music genres, i.e pop, rock and blues.