Nasty Fingers is a Mexican band formed in 2004. The band incorporates various sounds from Rock, Punk, Classic Rock, and everything in between, succeeding through that in constructing a unique atmosphere surrounding their music.

Since 2004, Nasty Fingers have released an EP and two albums, Green Zone (2008) and Little Noises (2013), through which they continued to evolve their style, finally reaching a new blend that appeals to any fan of pure Rock, no matter what the prefix.

‘Nuestro Amor’ is the second single from Little Noises, released on January 30th, 2015, and preceded by ‘5 Unidades’. Through ‘Nuestro Amor’, the band does not fail to deliver what it promises: a direct and fresh sound that brings in elements from Punk Rock as well as Classic Rock. The song starts off with a raw guitar sound, with instruments adding up gradually, until finally a climax is reached that continues throughout the song, only pausing after the first minute to give you a breather with a Classic Rock feel to it.

Being the second video single released by Nasty Fingers, ‘Nuestro Amor’ certainly affirms what Nasty Fingers always say about themselves: that they are constantly evolving. Although the video does not follow a clear story line, the generally darkly lit setting fits the song and sets the mood correctly. The pace of the video mostly picks up with the music, providing an enjoyable visually interactive experience.

However, it’s agreed upon that videos that revolve around a certain plot relating in any way to the lyrics or music, perform better when it comes to the promotion of the single, rather than abstract videos like this one, which are not particularly found intriguing by mass audiences.

Overall, the release of this video single is certainly an important landmark for Nasty Fingers, the video being much better than the one for ‘5 Unidades’, and serving as something of an introduction to wider audiences.


Edited by: NJ Bakr