“Narrow Lines” is the second single to be released from the highly anticipated upcoming album “What We Fear The Most” by the Liverpool rock group Attic Theory, and all proceeds the band receives from this song will be donated to the charity CALM, which provides assistance, advice, and information For anyone who is suffering or in crisis and could be a victim of suicide.

Attic Theory sound combines many genres such as ALTERNATIVE ROCK, low grunge, and rock ‘n’ roll to create great rhythms that are designed to fascinate us. In “Narrow Lines” old classic rock is blended with modernity.

The instruments come in a blend that accentuates the beauty of “Narrow Lines”, the sharp, thumping guitar variations with thunderous drum beats lead straight and powerfully into Lewis Wright’s rusty vocal performance that resonates with confidence, carrying a first-class human and psychological message, summed up in the phrase “Help me.” that echoes the length of the song.

After they penetrated the depths of Attic Theory and found you surrounded by crises that could force you to do bad deeds. Frontman Lewis Wright said, “Our goal with the ‘Narrow Lines’ song and video is to raise awareness for all those who are going through tough times in their lives…and we hope the song will encourage the listener to connect with CALM.” “We are asking people to download the single from our webpage and unite against suicide. We know that donations will not only help change people’s lives but also help save lives,” adds Lewis.

Attic Theory is vocalist Lewis Wright, guitarists Peter Donnelly, Tim Cunningham (also backing vocals), and Matt Lawler, drummer Matt Simon, and Kenny McArthur on bass.

Since its formation in late 2017, they have won so many awards that it is no coincidence, that “Narrow Lines” is a soulful song that is very well written and masterfully played by the instrumentalists resulting from a long experience to give us a very special thing that we long to hear.