Egyptian death-core heavyweights, Mythos, employ a unique take on an already interesting genre. Bands like Thy Art is Murder and Suicide Silence helped bring this genre to the forefront, while bands like Mythos keep the torch burning brightly.

On their new record, ‘Tales of Fallen Empires’, the band creates a thought-provoking and a very exciting sound; it’s not often you hear a band with such tight instrumentals. The drums on this record bring the whole sound together for me; as it glues the riffs and chugs, together in a perfect way. The vocals are as guttural as could possibly be and exude serious talent.

At times the music is a very aggressive while, in contrast, there are some groovy riffs in this record that not only fit the sound but push it into an even tastier measure. It’s heavy, in your face and aggressive; just what you’d want out of a good metal band. Each song on this record is about a different mythological concept, which is very cool. I can’t think of another band doing this right now, and I’m really digging it.

Each track on the record is even better than the one preceding it. This album will not let you down, especially when you start listening to “Gods of Wrath” and ”Unleash the Kraken”, which in my opinion are two of the highlights on this album. It will just make you keen to listen to more songs and see what is going to be next. Another great song that really stands out, in my opinion, is “Gryphon”. This track is so unique in every aspect, whether it’s the guitar and the riffs, or the composition and the bass along with the drums. Just like any good metal/core band should, Mythos tends to deliver some truly deep and brutal vocals with some angry tunes.

The vocalist’s voice is strong enough that it thunders over all the songs, you can hear that in the rest of the tracks. “In the Presence of Hydra” is a really good one as well. Overall, in this album, you will find the technical compositions all go together. The drummer is extremely fast and good. The solos and the riffs are just perfect. The last track of the album ‘The beginning of the End’ slays with its crazy blast beat opening that transitions into a riff you can’t help but headbang to. It can really blow your mind away. What is really more impressive about Mythos, is that they are really dedicated to their music and their work. It really shows on all the levels; whether it was the quality or the cover art.

The guys in Mythos are very down to earth and have a lot of raw talent. I highly recommend checking these guys out; especially if you are a fan of filthy, nasty death metal. I can see it as a very solid recording and great next step for Mythos.

Written by: Lukas Patrick & May Sharaf
Edited by: May Sharaf & Maie Serage