Mythos is one of the Metalcore/Groove Metal bands in the Egyptian Metal Scene. It was formed in 2012 as a tribute band, then they turned to composing their own originals. They contributed in many concerts but only as a tribute band, however, they had their first concert to perform a combination of originals and covers in December 2016 in the latest Metal Grinders Festival concert.

‘Eternal Rage’ starts with dynamic guitar tunes for 22 seconds then high strong vocals to join the instruments. From 1:10, you can hear some drum breaks; I liked how those breaks could control the riffs smoothly, I could feel the difficulty of this movement, and how they would hold their breaths for a few seconds to control the riff well. In 3:28, the atmosphere of the track takes another drift with strong drums beats and loud powerful tunes to give space to one of the best-played solos in the Egyptian Metal 2017 early releases and to reflect another dimension of anger. ‘Eternal Rage’ musically is very melodic and powerful; it’s impressive how they managed to keep their harmony. The lyrics of the track reflected a mood of criticism for a social and political tyranny in general, that’s why it was full of anger, evil and darkness.

The 2nd track here is ‘Nation’s Fool’ which also starts with strong harmony for all instruments for 23 seconds, the accompanied by vocals. From 1:04, again music took another movement that went completely dark, from 2:33 to 3:00 going back again to the first harmony. However, here it was followed by a strong attractive solo. It was rather shorter than ‘Eternal Rage’, and to me, I see that ‘Eternal Rage’ is better than ‘Nation’s fool’ and more technically complicated than the latter. Although ‘Nation’s Fool’ is a very good track as a beginning for a new rising band who turned from playing cover to compose originals. ‘Nation’s Fool’s lyrics were as a criticism for the inherited habits in the society.

Mythos proved themselves on the stage in the latest Metal Grinders concert in December 2016, and as I checked the number of the plays on SounCloud, it is a very good number for a rising band, as ‘Eternal Rage’ is played more than 800 times and 500 times for ‘Nation’s Fool’. We are still waiting for their releases and their upcoming events, they have a bright future and have good talents in the band’s lines. About the rate ‘Eternal Rage’ is 8/10 and ‘Nation’s Fool’ is 7/10.

Edited by: NJ Bakr