We’re only halfway through 2017 but it has been definitely a fruitful year for the Egyptian Metal Scene already. Among the uprisings, we were very fascinated by the new Mythos Ep. I actually had the chance to talk to Mythos‘ vocalist Ahmed Hassan a.k.a “”Psycho“” and our talented artist and friend Dina Yacout who designed the cover art of Eternal Rage; their new EP, which will be out this week! So keep an eye out for it!

It is a six track Ep:
‘Eternal Rage’,‘Nation’s Fool’, ‘The Freakshow’, ‘Chaos’, ‘Electing Death’, and ‘The Infernal’.


‘Eternal Rage’ was the first released single by Mythos last year, you can read the review here.

Eternal Rage EP is a very melodic musical piece; it combines the powerful taste of guitars with the strong atmosphere of vocals in addition to the attractive strong drums beat. You can taste the sound of the breakdowns of the music. The music reflected a sense of anger and criticism of many social issues. Although the EP carries a sense of unity of the theme and the musical atmosphere, each track carries a defining sign. ‘Eternal Rage’ and ‘Nation’s Fool’ carry a sense of orientalism. They also carry parts of breakdowns that catch your breath.

Third track, ‘The Freak Show’ is one of the fastest tracks in the EP and has a mesmerizing guitar solo and attractive musical movements. ‘Chaos’ is one of the well-made tracks on the EP, its intro is painted with Death/Blackened Death Metal atmosphere. It is the harshest and most complicated one in the EP. I liked the melody of the guitar and how the lead guitar conquers the riffs. The following one is ‘Elected Death’, it’s a very fast one and I felt that it was very dark as well. The riffs of the track reflect the sound of nearby death or maybe war. ‘The Infernal’ is the last one I liked it, it is so active, full of action, full of head banging. 2:42 from ‘The Infernal’ till the end of the track is one of the best parts in the whole EP.

In conclusion, Eternal Rage is a very good piece, especially when our local scene suffers from lack of this musical genre. The riffs are very active ones. The Atmosphere of the EP is unified through the 6 tracks. My rate is 8/10 because I felt that some riffs are familiar or as the ones we used to listen to but I think it’s the musical genre itself or the band’s musical styles and influences.

Edited by: Bishoy Nader