Alexandrian extreme metallers and scene veterans Mythos have just unveiled their latest single, “Abomination”. The track will be a part of their upcoming EP “The Battle Of Megiddo”, which will be released later in 2023. The band have always been known for their groovy band of extreme metal which fuses elements of Metalcore, Deathcore, and Technical Death Metal with various techniques and songwriting approaches; so a heavy track is definitely what everyone was expecting.

To everybody’s surprise, Mythos managed to outdo themselves and sound even heavier one more time. On “Abomination” you have a lengthy intro that takes you into the depths of a hidden dungeon within an Egyptian temple. The dissonant guitars with the well-timed attacks and blasts of the rhythm section induced both goosebumps and terror in me at the same- that’s just how much chemistry renowned bassist Gasser Helal and celebrity drummer Ahmed El Kholy have with one another. The spacing of the orchestration on a regular interval like that added to the sense of impending doom that the band’s axemen Shady Mohamed and Amr El Gendy are known to bring. The Ancient Egyptian intro fades out and the song transitions into a complex and percussive riff with some crushing death growls. 

The verses have some deep and low-pitched growls performed by Mr Ahmed Hassan (AKA Psychopathic)  that fit with the destructive and dystopian theme of the lyrics. In a chic and sophisticated manner, Ahmed El Kholy plays fast and complicated blast beats throughout the verse, and then he and the rhythm section all transition into a more breakdown-y and spaced beat for the pre-chorus – it’s elements like these that keep the Mythos sound both remarkable yet unpredictable at the same time. I love how you can’t separate the lead lines of the track from the rhythm; which makes this a big and heavy wall of sound throughout most of its duration. 

I have noticed that the guitars play some fast and heavy picking techniques during the chorus, which are more akin to black metal, but still very characteristic of the Mythos sound that we have grown to love and enjoy. The first verse is repeated, followed by one last breakdown that’s sure to be a crowd-pleasing moment.

Photo by Anas Mohamed

L to R: Gasser Helal, Shady Mohamed, Ahmed Hassan, Amr El Gendy, and Ahmed El Kholy.

Between the haunting intro, the fabulous drumming, and the breakdowns that are set to break some necks, this song is set to be a hit among long-time Mythos fans as well as lure in some new following. That is mostly because of the top-tier production that’s shown on this single which gives every instrument and every element to be polished, without outshining its counterparts. I can’t say that I’ve heard the band play a track with this heaviness and intensity before, but there’s no denying that they’ve built a sound fingerprint with very unique and identifiable elements for their band throughout years of composing and playing together. If you’ve been living under a rock and never had a chance to hear these giants before, then this single is a great place to start.