Just how far Rock can go is a question I imagine the guys from Bram Stalker doing quite often. Hailing from Avezzano, Italy, Bram Stalker is a Rock duo of phenomenal potential. Putting in mind the sound of Royal Blood and a less forgiving Queens Of The Stone Age, Bram Stalker is Andrea Maceroni on vocals and bass duties, and Jacopo De Marco on the drums. And this, their latest offering is an ultra dark and harsh rock banger.

My Turn deals with dark and suicidal thoughts, as it was inspired by the passing of a close friend of the band. This darkness easily seeps through every element of the music; dominated by a pounding riff at a very high tempo, saturated with distortion. The mix is very skeletal, featuring just the heavy guitars, and a brutal beat that relies heavily on the use of the double kick drums, bass and the wailing vocals. The guitar solo and the performances are generally top-notch, you’ll find it hard not to try to count along to the kick drums, I’ve barely ever heard kicks mixed so clearly. The result is an unforgiving 3 minutes of heavy bliss, dripping with character and color, oozing with attitude. Bram Stalker seems to be a band of unwavering professionals, fluently conveying the darkness of the themes easily through music before words, using music that’s simplistic and heavy, not overly orchestrated or intricate. This is a feat that only a few can pull off with such effortlessness, and Bram Stalker are among them.