Tania Filip

As energetic as rock n roll should be, the horsepower that this track inspired begins by the first second. 

A multi-national band based in London titled Dirty Mitts with members from Uk, Poland, and Egypt release a classic rock n’ roll track titled “My Show”.

The track begins with a classic rock energetic guitar bluesy riff to cast the vibe of rocking out and giving yourself the space to limitlessly stretch your arms and do a windmill yourself.

Every instrument introduced in the track is used adequately and perfectly in sound generating great harmony. Vocals are wild and simple and the guitars are perfectly played in rhythm and solo giving the track a thick base background riff to lean on, along with the crazy cool drums and bass that make you want to wear them leathers and jump on the cabriolet with the shades and cigarettes and enjoy the cool wild vibe.

“My Show” enjoys a high degree of boldness and vocal clarity that gave the track the presence of the classic rock vocalists energizing the vibe even more. The track was written in the COVID-19 lockdown era as the band stated, and it was a lockdown for the musicians as they missed gigs with large crowds. 

Dirty Mitts are a multinational band as mentioned earlier, they feature Tommy – Vocals, Matt – Bass (Both from UK), Mo – Guitars (Egypt), and Mateusz – Drums (Poland). An interesting fusion of musical backgrounds which eagers me to hear more fused music in the band’s tracks influenced by all nations.