Evolver Music Inc.

Seasoned singer/producer/songwriter Betty Moon has been knee-deep in the music industry, releasing around 10 albums via her own record label Evolver Music, got her music played in various movies and TV series, and signed for A&M Records. Moon mixes various genres in a clever skilled way that shows her musicianship and today, we’re going to dig deep into her 2021 single My Only One.

My Only One is an extremely approachable tune with diverse influences ranging from grunge to pop and electronic. The beating intro and intimidating lyrics create a smooth build-up, that smoothly escalates with the help of a warm vocal melody into a loud powerful statement with a catchy flow and structure. It has a really cool guitar melody that’s subtly mixed in perfect harmony with synths and beats, without losing its melodic effect or being buried, it was given all the needed space to shine and breathe. My Only One has a really interesting layering, those diverse sounds, grooves, and melodies were cleverly layered together alongside that harmonic multi-layered vocal melody that keeps the listener hooked and interested till the very end, all within a cool, dynamic, and changing structure.

Betty Moon created a dark rocking mood mixed with pop grooves and dynamics in a catchy entertaining way on My Only One, this all created a tune that smoothly slips into the back of your mind and your on-repeat playlist, no matter what’s your favorite genre. Looking forward to more from Betty Moon, keep on rocking. Cheers!