Kaddy McAuliffe

Brandon Ritchie, a punk rock artist hailing from Philadelphia recently released his new song, “My Movie” which will bring out the dancer in you! Brandon Ritchie has been in a band before but started playing and touring as an independent artist. According to Ritchie, this song is supposed to “get you off your booty”.

At first listen, Ritchie’s vocals instantly reminded me of those of Lil Peep’s. The drums were banging, with smashing energy. The single reminds me a lot of NOFX’s music, the same punk rock angst but with a more modern take on the genre. This track made me want to get out of my bed and just headbang! Id love to be at their concert and hear this track, which will probably make you scream your head off, just good ol’ punk rock goodness.

All in all, it’s surprising to find such amazing rock music from a state that didn’t historically have a booming rock scene like Seattle or New York, though I think Brandon Ritchie will definitely help grow a new rock scene in his state if he keeps releasing bangers like “My Movie”.