Why does it feel weird when I think that this is exactly how The Beatles would sound like if they made their music today? It genuinely feels weird to do any outwards comparison between a current act and The Beatles but I believe that Devin Farney may have achieved the unachievable here.

The San Francisco multi-talented Devin Farney returns with a single from his latest LP ‘Is/Was’. And it sounds really like the modern Beatles. To pull apart the formula that The Beatles seem to have stuck to for the majority of their songs (If y’all allow me to) you’d find that it’s simpler than you think. First and foremost you have a chord progression that’s buzzing with motion and internal melody (Ex. Something), a pronounced production character (the baroque string arrangement in Eleanor Rigby), spritely and youthful singing voice and heartfelt harmonies (all of their songs, come on), and finally, the solid, simple, poppy beat that supports everything and keeps them in place.

Then we listen to this great piece of music here. You’re welcomed first with a brazen acoustic guitar strumming a major progression that shifts and twists through multiple modulations and changes in character. With a strong psychedelic flavor that tinges the entire sonic tapestry. The time signature also deserves a highlight here, changing frequently from a hasty 6/8 to an intrusive and characterful 3/4 section. The entire composition is laced with beautiful vocal melodies that writhe and move up and down in a charming and ear-grabbing fashion. 

A beautiful song from a beautiful album that carries its influences proudly on its sleeves. With professional production and strong display of the multiple talents of its creator. I’d definitely recommend this song and the album as a whole to enjoyers of music in general, as there’s a lot to appreciate here.