Sierra Bartsch

Can you feel Christmas in the air? If you can’t wait to get your decorations out and be immersed in the Christmas spirit in every way possible, you’ll be delighted to have Mark Winters‘ “My Christmas” on your speaker while jingling with your family.

I love everything about this pleasant season and its vibes. I never get tired of listening to Christmas carols, holding hot drinks, curling up beneath a blanket, and watching Christmas-themed movies. However, I’ve always felt that most of the chants are alike. “My Christmas” by Mark Winters is a first for me to sound this distinguished. The Texas-based singer/songwriter and guitarist knows how to put his own heart and soul into his music and create a one-of-a-kind listening experience.

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Mark Winters is undoubtedly a successful artist who excels both inside and outside of the music industry. He has a background in math and physics, an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering, and a lifelong love of poetry, in addition to his rocking sonic artistry. He is currently Santa Claus, who has arrived to fill our hearts with joy.

“My Christmas” kicks off with an uplifting, jangling intro that feels like you turned on the colorful lights in your giant tree. Winters’ passionate, smooth vocals are filled with bright rays of exhilaration, and along with his guitar playing prowess, he certainly builds up a festival mood that allures you to sing along.

The euphoric lyricism draws the perfect scene for you, wiping away any grey or blue feel in the air and bringing only warm red and green to your soul. It has Winters’ poetic touch as always and goes for a deeper meaning than just celebrating.

All you’ve got to do now is apply the lyric, “Stop for a moment, remember the reason. Stop for a moment, let’s take a breather.” And enjoy Mark Winters’ witty songwriting and performing abilities while feeling the cozy love through the earworms and spirited guitar hooks. 


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