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Today we mention some of the musicians who brought the Stratocaster to the stage and made it our “Dream Guitar”.

David Gilmour
With his guitar solos in Pink Floyd albums and his solo albums as well, Gilmour carved the Stratocaster shape and sound in our hearts and minds.

Eric Clapton
One of Cream‘s founders… The legendary rock pioneer and one of the early musicians has introduced England to The Blues. He also helped so many blues musicians in the 50s and the 60s, and till this day in 2014.

Jeff Beck
Beck is a unique guitar player from his early days with The Yardbirds till his recent albums. By using the volume and tone knobs on his guitar, he created a whole other world of sounds that reflect his restless mind seeking perfection.

Eric Johnson
With a technique that makes your jaw drop every single time you watch him perform live or listen to one of his records… You will never believe that there is just one guitar and one performer playing!

Stevie Ray Vaughan
Vaughan, as one of the legendary blues/blues rock musicians, has a great style while playing and performing. In general, he shows a great passion for the music he plays, and the guitar he picked to deliver that passion.

Yngwie Malmsteen
Malmsteen, is the Swedish shredder that everybody knows. Actually, his Stratocaster (based on Fender) is considered being one of the best-selling signature models. The guitar includes a scalloped fretboard and the unique choice of DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan pickups, which gives what every metal musician wants.

Buddy Guy
When it comes to Guy, it is about EVERY SINGLE NOTE that comes off his guitar… You can tell this man “got the blues!”

Ritchie Blackmore
A Legend that inspired so many musicians… One of the early guitarists who proved that the Stratocaster can play HEAVY if you play metal, rock, blues, folk or any other. You WILL find something to learn from him. If you have a favorite guitarist, this dude right here is for sure one – if not the ultimate – favored guitarist of all times.

Jimi Hendrix
Rock music critics believe that Hendrix was a beautiful link in that era between blues, rock and metal musicians. He shaped the music and – as they say – categorized it through his music. His Woodstock guitar sold at Sotheby auction for $270,000. THAT was a record price at the time!

Nile Rodgers
Rodgers is master in disco, funk and pop music. With his legendary guitar “Hitmaker”, he recorded with Chic, Diana Ross, David Bowie, Madonna and more! He was brought back to the spotlight after producing and playing on Daft Punk‘s latest album Random Accesses Memories (RAM).

Mark Knopfler
The founder of the legendary Dire Straits, a band that broke the boundaries among genres and introduced us to an entertaining mix of rock, folk, classic, blues and jazz music.
Knopfler’s unique technique of playing, his fingertips just know how to deliver a message from his heart straight to yours.

Richie Sambora
Since the 80s and for every decade, he was using different models but currently he plays with a big variety of Fender, more than 40 signature Stratocasters starts with vintage models, American Deluxe and Custom Shop models.

Chris Rea
No one can deny that the Stratocaster is one of the best choices for blues, especially with the blues-rock master, Rea. Actually, he has contributed to its popularity as a slide guitar.

Dick Dale
Dale is one of the few Leo Fender gave him one personally. Since mid-50s and it became his unique signature, as well as an important tool for surf-rock.

Eddie Hazel
Mainly, his legacy appeared in the media after his death. Hazel was able to mix funk with its rock n’ roll roots easily with marvelous catchy tunes. Definitely, Funkadelic are considered to be the pioneers of funk in 70s.

Bonnie Raitt
The well-known American blues singer as she mentioned that her customized Fender Stratocaster is the best. She stated while she was touring “my brown Strat[ocaster]—the body is a ’65 and the neck is from some time after that. It’s kind of a hybrid that I got for $120 at 3 o’ clock in the morning in 1969. It’s the one without the paint, and I’ve used that for every gig since 1969”

Written by: Mena Ezzat and Abdullah Abed
Edited by: Duha Mousa

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