From the lush and dramatic vocals to the swampy blues riffs, ‘Music Monster’ is a fun journey that leaves a lingering, triumphant test with its melodic oohs, aahs, and sly, undertaker chord sequences. An immediate winner.

Calamity Jay is a musical duo that hails from the French town of Albi. Composed of the voice of Rahel Rosenwald and the unorthodox guitars of JayC Be, the duo has been able to carve out a niche with their songs that blend folk and delta blues with European leanings in the vocals department. The duo’s latest offering is the infectious ‘Music Monster’ a number that features clean and tight blues riffage under some weighted and regal vocals from Rahel.

Mixed with great attention, the duo ends up with a song that sounds lush and warm, and with a composition that greatly relies on acoustics, the balance in the mix achieves the best effect of the song’s arrangement that shifts from rackety acoustic blues verses to folk rock driven choruses. The shifts are smooth and enticing, taking us along for the journey of Rosenwald’s epic, vocalized melodies on the rocking post-chorus.

‘Music Monster’ is an intricately structured song that sounds easy and familiar, and equally dynamic, unpredictable, and fiery. All thanks to the duo’s 2 most prominent features, the inventive guitars, and the unforgettable vocal style, ‘Music Monster’ is an extremely easy song to love.