LOS ANGELES, CA — February 6, 2024 – The MTS Family of artists has once again proven their talent and popularity by sweeping multiple categories at the 2023 IMN (Independent Music Network) Awards. The final list of winners is based on popularity, affiliates, and votes via the network’s site, showcasing the very best in the independent music scene.

Recording artist and radio personality Buck McCoy will be hosting a special IMN Winners & New Discoveries 2024 Radio Special from his Nashville studios, where he will also provide in-depth information on many of the winners and new artist releases.

MTS Family artists were well represented in both the Mainstream and Country categories, including some first-time winners and returning favorites. In the Mainstream category, Jeremy Parsons’ hit single “Life Worth Dyin For” took home the award for Favorite Single, while Bill Abernathy was named Favorite Male Artist.

Newcomer John McDonough’s breakout single “Point Me East” earned him the Mainstream Breakout Single award.

In the Country category, Gary Pratt’s popular “Till Your Boots Get Dirty” snagged the Country Breakout Single award, while Eleyet McConnell was named New Discovery Artist for his unique sound and powerful vocals.

Additional winners from the MTS Family included Fan Favorite winner Pam Ross, Inspirational Song of the Year winner Eddy Mann for his powerful track “Hope of The World,” and Record Label of the Year, awarded to MTS Records for their dedication to promoting independent artists and their music.

MTS Records founder, Michael Stover, expressed his excitement and gratitude for the recognition of his artists and label, saying, “Our artists work tirelessly to create meaningful and powerful music, and it’s an honor to see their talent recognized and celebrated at the IMN Awards. We are grateful to the network and its listeners for their support and recognition of our artists.”

The 2023 IMN Awards have once again proven that independent music continues to thrive and make its mark in the music industry. The impressive wins by the MTS Family artists only solidify their place as talented and popular artists in the independent music scene.

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