The Independent Music Network (IMN) has announced their nominations for the 2023 IMN Awards, and MTS Management Group/MTS Records is proud to announce their artists have received a total of 30 nominations across multiple categories.

MTS Management Group, a PR and artist management company based in Pittsburgh, has been working with independent artists for 14 years, providing them with the support and promotion they need to succeed in the music industry. Their record label, MTS Records, has released chart-topping albums and singles for artists in multiple genres, including Country, Americana, and mainstream Pop.

This year’s 2023 IMN Award nominations are based on popularity, affiliates, and votes via the network’s site. MTS Management Group/MTS Records’ artists have been recognized in various categories, including Favorite Single, Favorite Male and Female Artist, Favorite Impact Artist, Breakout Single, New Discovery Artist, and Crossover Artist.

Among the nominees are Jeremy Parsons, John McDonough, Bill Abernathy, Jen Ash, Taydem Shoesmith, Eddy Mann, Pam Ross, and more. Notable nominations include Jeremy Parsons’ hit single “Life Worth Dyin For” for Favorite Single and John McDonough’s “Point Me East” for Breakout Single. MTS Records’ recent release “Falling off The Merry Go Round” by Pam Ross has also received recognition in the Mainstream Breakout Single and Female Crossover Artist categories.


MTS Management Group/MTS Records artists have also been recognized in the Country categories, with Eleyet McConnell’s “Gettin’ By” receiving a nomination for Country Breakout Single and Tia McGraff, Eleyet McConnell, and Lady Redneck nominated for New Discovery Artist.

In addition to the artist nominations, MTS Records has also been recognized as a Record Label of the Year nominee, further solidifying their commitment to promoting and supporting independent artists. MTS won that award last year.

MTS Management Group/MTS Records’ founder and owner, Michael Stover, expresses his gratitude for the nominations: “I am incredibly proud of all our artists and their accomplishments this year. To receive 30 nominations from the Independent Music Network is an honor, and it is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our artists, as well as the amazing team at MTS Management Group and MTS Records. We are thrilled to be recognized in so many categories and to be able to represent independent music on such a prestigious platform.”

The Independent Music Network will announce the winners later this year. In the meantime, fans can tune into the IMN Nominations Radio Special hosted by Buck McCoy, where he will provide detailed information on the nominees and new artist releases.

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