Pittsburgh, PA – The prestigious New Music Awards (NMAs) has announced its nominations for the 2024 awards show, and MTS Management Group/MTS Records and their artists have received an impressive number of nominations. The NMAs, which honor artists, radio programmers, stations, and industry professionals, are known for recognizing both major label and independent talent in the music industry.

In the Top 40/CHR category, MTS artist John McDonough has been nominated for Breakthrough Artist, while his song “We’ll Answer the Call” has been nominated for AC Song of the Year. Fellow MTS artist Bill Abernathy has been nominated for New AC Artist. In the Country category, Jeremy Parsons has been nominated for Breakthrough Artist, and MTS Records has been nominated for Country Record Label. Additionally, both Parsons and McDonough have been nominated for Crossover Artist.

MTS Records’ founder, Michael Stover, couldn’t be more thrilled with the nominations. “I am blown away by our nominations at this year’s New Music Awards,” Stover said. “To see our MTS family artists nominated alongside major label heavy hitters is truly an honor. I am so proud of John, Bill, and Jeremy, and I want to thank the NMA committee for recognizing the incredible talent and hard work of our artists and our label.”


The NMAs is the first and only award show that isn’t influenced by corporate politics and recognizes the true talent in the music industry. The winners are selected by a combination of radio personnel, music industry executives, fans, and industry panelists. This year’s nominees represent a mix of established and independent artists, showcasing the diversity and talent in today’s music industry.

The New Music Awards (NMAs) honor artists, radio programmers, stations, and the “behind the scenes” professionals in the music industry. The winners of the NMAs will be announced at the beginning of each year, with the awards show known as the “New Music Revolution.” For more information and to vote for the nominees, please visit

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