Alex Tchoukhrova

Influenced by punk and rock legends, Elena Olszak (vocal/guitar), Ella Sauer (guitar), London Kraus (bass), and Lillee Gillum (drums) came together to form Doll Riot back in 2020, and with lots of teen energy and in your face attitude, they’ll be dropping their latest female empowering single “Mrreowrr” on the 28th of October. So, let’s see how it goes,

With a doomy raw riff and heavy bass “Mrreowrr” kickstarts before it explodes into a fast attacking stream of guitars and pounding drums, Doll Riot skillfully keeps on shifting their pace as they swing between heavy slow riffs and fast punkish ones, and with the help of a fat bassline and everchanging, hard-hitting jazzy drums they created an extremely dynamic structure that’ll keep you hooked and entertained. The expressive vocal melody with that aggressive escalating delivery added another layer of heaviness to the mix while purely reflecting the lyrics’ energy, resulting in a catchy fluid tune with intense melodies and thick grooves.

“Mrreowrr” is a piece of modern rock n roll dipped in angry riffs and raw production that hails Doll Riot’s influences showing their energy and aggressiveness, they managed to deliver their powerful message successfully with the most proper attitude creating a headbanging groovy tune that can easily slip into your on-repeat playlist. Looking forward to more from Doll Riot, cheers!