Have you ever come across a player who can’t take a grip? That kind of pseudo-man who’s perfect at manipulating, gaslighting, and underestimating women and no good at being a real man. Heavy on the Heart. surely met this type and did well in embodying him in their debut single, “Mr. Know It All.”

Heavy on the Heart. are just getting started, yet the Long Island-based four-piece are as seasoned as rockers at their peak. The outfit is Nikki Brady (vocals), Costas Themistocleous (guitar), Nick Kolokathis (drums), and Andrew Nicolae (bass). Together, with their blazing chemistry, they bring to the Rock scene a punchy, elevating sound that no one can resist.

“Mr. Know It All” is based on the personal experience of frontwoman Nikki, who dated an unworthy playboy, with all of the elements working fiercely to convey the relatable-to-many story and present the gritty vibe. With Alt-rock and Punk blended together, the overall sound is fiery, penetrating to both head and soul, and seamlessly engaging.

The punchy vocals depict the smooth storytelling in the confronting, thought-provoking lyricism. The lead singer, Nikki, sounds like she gathered the female power in her voice; she effortlessly offers a slaying performance with her remarkable husky, profound vocals. The instrumentation matches the energy of the theme and vocals as well; the guitar riffs and bassline come off strongly and densely from start to finish, and the drumming carries a rebellious attitude, all sounding vibrant and furious at once. Every element is well placed, and all are tight with top-notch production, leading to endless repeats. I also found a mesmerizing acoustic version that’s more sentimental and moving.

Not only the song is addictive, but also the straight-to-the-point music video, which illustrates the story in an amusing, light manner and features an energetic performance by the band.

This is definitely an earworm that will last for a while. Heavy on the Heart. is taking music-making to another level, where alluring soundscapes are being built by stellar talents, a professional approach, and a fun spirit. Personally, I am eager to hear their next release!