Artist Kevan and the Black Country Sons based in West Midlands, US,  released an epic alternative folk song called ‘Mr. Johnson’, that will make your morning and nights like a spicy dream. Released on the 7th of March, the song is elegant and full of joy, a great dedication to the late blues artist and musician Robert Johnson. This is an amazing debut with high quality music production, well written lyrics by the artist, a and a great concept and vision of encouraging people to follow their dreams no matter how hard it is to get there.


The song is magical in every way possible. It’s so sophisticated and radiant with infectious positive and good vibes. It’s a sunny patch of golden strings. The overall sound of the song is an upbeat fusion of country blues and even a little bit of jazz and rock. The musical arrangement is fantastic, with a sexy, high energy melody, fast and playful piano, shaking sound effects in the background with lots of smooth groovy electric guitar, and symbolic moving cymbals. You’ve also got some tune humming in the melody in both male and female vocals that really upgrade the song. You will enjoy lots of sophistication with this song and a really good vibe that will shine through any sad or depressed soul.