The song kicks off with a beautiful guitar, giving cue for the singer and the rest of the instrumental elements to begin as well.

The backbone of the song is composed by a beautiful balance of sound between both the instruments and the singer follow a strong, bouncy rhythm, with an upbeat, melancholic tempo and mellow, warm vocals. It’s easy to be carried away and node to the song, almost forgetting the real message of the lyrics. 

Yet, they are the main character in the music video, where the words and letters appear alongside the vocals’ tempo as the singer sings them alone.

The Connecting Dots own inspiration are artists like Lana del Rey, Depeche Mode and David Bowie, so when watching their music video, it is understandable to see how their own style adds a fresh, retro vibe, kind of from the late 80s-90s.

If you are wondering about why are there Lego’s in the video, it might be because of Johan Borg’s –guitarist of the group- avocation for them.

It’s a song to reminisce in bittersweet memories and literally take the chance to ‘Move On’, close old chapters and get ready for new ones. Something much needed lately with the current global pandemic.

For more, visit Direct Lines Records’ website with more info about the band.

You can also join their current 1.1K monthly listeners on Spotify , and follow the band on their Instagram and Facebook pages.



Mercedes Thomas