Like Harriet Wheeler, Vanessa Carlton, and Melissa Etheridge before her, Lisa Froment possesses that voice that is exceptionally expressive, sultry, and lush with meaning. Lyrics turn into a mouthful of air, words become bubbles blown from the lips of a five-year-old on a lazy summer afternoon, carousels and cotton candy aside. Her vocals bear the rich melodies and seductive sound of “Move Me”, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day song, a gift to be easily offered to the significant other.
“Move Me” is a coy song. Sweet, malicious, and offbeat, Lisa sings it with effortless talent, one that seeps through the cracks of time spent putting a track on repeat, only to realize it needs to be heard not simply listened to. Her voice is spacious and tasteful, bringing in a myriad of emotions, discarding any white noise or unprecedented madness that might come with unrequited tones or misguided lyrics. Lisa has more to offer, but in the meantime, one could just sit back and chill, drinking and contemplating what it’s like to be in love, and “Move Me” would just be the perfect companion for a long night’s overthinking trance.

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Jaylan Salah