Ask Carol

Rocking it off from Norway, Oslo an alternative rock-pop band “Ask Carol” that has 2 members only doing all the instrumental playing in their tracks, both Carol and Borgen play on all different instruments such as guitars, synth, and drums that you’ll first say that it’s a whole 5 members band but it’s actually two members who love to multi-task. This year they released a new track “Mountains of Cash” on the 3rd of June with awesome guitar playing throughout the track.

They have a great deal of efficiency in them that got them to where they are now doing tours, performing excitingly and confidently in front of their fans with a fun and optimistic personality they glow on their social media. “Mountains of Cash” is referring to all the rich greedy people in this world who only thinks of their needs and not others. I like how the lyrics are giving the messages in a direct way for listeners to understand perfectly the meaning of it and blowing off a rocking guitar and drum play. Carol’s vocals add a pretty awesome dope vibe to it by hitting her notes in this one and the ones before too with a lot of creativity in her vocals that suits rock and roll and pop during her tracks “Tonight,” “Darkest Hour,” “Quiet one,” “Come Closer,” and one of her oldest “Gonna Do It,” and “Nobody Knows.”

The new release “Mountains of Cash” was created back in 2018 but it was completely different from the new one with lower tunes and vocals to it. Which gives the new one a rock and roll shine to it and more life to the track. Carol always posts her reels jamming in her mother’s barn, where they’re having a lot of fun in the making of every reel and video they make I love watching because of the greenery and nature they are blessed with. They recently released a new video “Tonight” that was filmed in the barn by her mother and the video looks dope.