Artwork by Jake Clark and Emily Bachynski

Bad Buddy is the musical collaboration between Emily Bachynski (vocals, guitar), Andrea Vissia (guitar, vocals) and Geoffrey Hamdon-O’Brien (drums). The band is a genre-defying musical spectacle, casually time traveling from wartime boogie-woogie bops, to glitterball heartbreak slow dances, to eye-gushing punk bloodbaths.

The Edmonton band which launched their career in 2016 has been described as putting on “… a totally raucous and amazing show all around: psychedelic surf, punk, pop, you name it – though above all it [feels] like something NEW” (Edmonton Journal), and the proof is in the performance. The electric energy of the live show is amplified by the exceptional songwriting ability possessed by the band. Self-identifying as “Motown-surf-punk,” Bad Buddy commands attention, painting powerful, sonic pictures drawn from real-life inspirations.

“Cheerleader? Nah, I’m the Q.B.,” Andi Vissia sings on “Q.B.” The quarterback is the star of the football show – the main event, baby! “Q.B.” marks the first co-write between Andi and Bad Buddy‘s main songwriter, Emily Bachynski.

Andi wrote this song during a significant period of change when she was feeling insecure about her abilities as a musician and felt judged by people who she thought were going to be supportive.

Despite several setbacks with the music video shoot, Bad Buddy are extremely pleased with the result. The music video for “Q.B.,” conceptualized by Andi and directed by Emily, features the band members growing increasingly exasperated by other people telling them what to do.

“I feel like I had an idea for this music video years ago – way before the song had presented itself to me,” says Andi. “One of my experiences as a woman in this industry is having people think I’m there because of a man (my partner or others), or just having people underestimate my experience and credibility.”

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