Ooooh! Time to play guess the comic! Let’s see *guy ripping shirt & suit*… Is It Flash?! Nope Is It… SUPERMAN?? Nope

Oh, It’s “The Amazing Spi-… Motorfinger? Well, that’s new. Hmmm Let’s Check-out their “Origin”, shall we?

In 2009, Maurice Adams (Vocals), Tommy Fossli (Guitar), Morten Felumb (Bass), Jon Anders Lundh (Guitar), and Jonas Dale (Drums) joined forces to form the alternative rock band Motorfinger from their hometown of Oslo, Norway. Their latest album Coming in Clear serves as an excellent introduction to listeners who have not yet experienced Motorfinger’s uniquely anachronistic, yet modern grunge sound.

For their recently released music video ‘Double Rainbow’, the band has chosen to go for a bit of a comic theme, but not in the way you’d imagine for a storyline. I mean the song was good but between Maurice’s weird photoshoot performance and Jonas playing his drums in the toilet, they make their other bandmates look as if they were the more sane ones, not to mention I didn’t know whether to laugh or creep out.

But now, it’s your turn to be the judge of that. So check out the video below and let me know what you think of it by leaving a comment. Enjoy.

Edited by: Nj Bakr