With a blazing siren, Gary Dranow opens up ‘Mother’s Angry’ with a bold musical statement that he follows up with a tightly constructed piece of driving rock. Zero frills, ‘Mother’s Angry’ is pure, punchy rock goodness, with a rhythmic twist that picks everything up a couple of notches. 

Based in Park City, Utah, Gary Dranow is a seasoned rock veteran. He also fronts Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions, and he does so with roots dug deep in a rich tradition of blues, stoner rock, and red-hot riffs. An experienced musician, Gary Dranow knows very well how to write a tightly wound song, and he knows just as well how to play some really nice guitar. 

Mostly guitar based, Gary Dranow’s ‘Mother’s Angry’ has some of the chunkiest overdriven guitar tones possible. Whether it is on the heavy, sludging riffs, or on the song’s ingenious solo, built from a handful of truly fascinating licks, ‘Mother’s Angry’ has some truly enjoyable guitar performances, and with one extra beat on some repetitions of the song’s main riff, it is a song that’s also very entertaining, always having something unexpected to offer. 

With conscious lyrics about Nature’s long overdue punishment for our wrongdoings, it is safe to say that Dranow’s got something to write about and a message to deliver. So it is not all hot guitars and punchy drums, Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions have it all.