American crossover country/rock band Rocket Horse will take us on a journey back in time to the year 1945 when country music was born at the Ryman Theatre in Nashville in their new single “Mother Church”

“Mother Church” is a rocking tune with country elements in a mix I’ve never heard before. The opening riff is a groovy banger that shifts into an acoustic line at the beginning of the verse, the verse’s melodies keep on shifting between distorted guitars with groovy bass and acoustic guitars all topped by the deep dominant vocals telling how country was born. The chorus’ vocal melody is catchy as hell and the percussions and acoustic guitars made it shine even more. The guitarist is laying some smooth and fluid solos and licks that kept it even more dynamic. The interlude around the 2:20 mins mark will send you off your seat with its rocking solo and the follow-up singalong part that’ll sound super cool when played live, all keep on building towards a big melodic outro that’ll get you to play it all over again.

“Mother Church” is an interesting release by Rocket Horse, their mix of rock and country is tight and enjoyable and the song’s structure and dynamics kept me on board from the 1st note. Looking forward to more from Rocket Horse. Cheers!