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First of all, we need to make this clear, “Mother” is a bold and powerful tune that says a lot about E-PO, especially since it’s their debut single. E-PO is a British five-piece alternative rock band with significant influences and attitude and most importantly, a fresh sound that’s their very own.

“Mother” starts with a sweet intro riff that’s panned on the left and right speakers in a super cool way. The vocal melody is dominant and powerful where she’s comfortably laying this fluid groovy badass vocal melody over the heavy main riff and backed with an insane energetic drumline. The bridge and chorus are super engaging and catchy while the brief whispering stop before the chorus felt like sending the listener to space off a launching pad. It is a super energetic and engaging tune that’ll sound amazing live and I believe will send the audience off their feet with E-PO’s powerful attitude that sounds pretty clear.

“Mother” is a rocking debut by E-PO that I believe will attract a large following me included. Their simple yet clever way of expressing themselves is extremely impressive. Looking forward for future E-PO’s future releases, cheers!


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