Stratuz are a doom death band hailing from Caracas, Venezuela with a lot to offer. They are set to drop their new record “Osculum Pacis” on the 26th of April 2022 via Sliptrick Records and to spice things up, they released their 2nd single off it “Morning Star” that’s describe by the band as “Morning Star refers to the first light we see at dawn, that first star reminding us that the first light of the day reaches the spiritually higher men first, just like the last light of the day.  The song represents Lucifer as the bringer of light. Light as knowledge. He is the bringer of light on our planet both in the material and spiritual way, and it’s in the hands of each to find their own light and understanding to wake up from so many layers of lies set through time.”

Stratuz’s latest brutal offering “Morning Star” promises nothing but pounding riffs, grand orchestrations and none stop brutality all this inlaid with some deep clean vocals and melodic guitar melodies. So, before we get started, as Dante read on the gates of hell, 

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

“Morning Star” starts with a grand opening promising an epic larger than life tune, with growling brutal vocals, heavy riffs and orchestrations that sent me headbanging immediately. The clean vocals helped slowing things down and acted as a buildup before you got hit by that hair spinning brutality rebooting riff that’s extremely melodic and dark. The shifting between clean parts “vocals and that amazing early solo” and heavy melodic riffs created extreme contrast that made each of them shine and created diversity in melodies and vocal delivery that made “Morning Star” more dynamic and gave it depth.

“Morning Star” is a must listen for any extreme metal fan. It is a well-crafted diverse piece from Stratuz that shows a lot of musicianship and attention to details from orchestrations that created a dark atmosphere matching the subject to brutal riffs and vocals making it clear that Stratuz are true to their extreme roots. It got me hooked and waiting for their upcoming record and I advise that you do too. Cheers!

The album is ready for pre-order from Sliptrick shop here.



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