Templemind will set you on high spiritual frequency with his new hard rock song ‘More to this life’, a song full of insight and forward thinking. Released on the 25th of November from London,UK, this song will make you rethink so much in your life. Templemind is the project of visionary and multi platinum songwriter Philip Schardt. The German artist creates songs about rediscovery and embracing of the self in its truest form. 

The song’s message is to let go of your ego, and the locked doors of your mind. It’s not your usual topic in todays music, and we love that there’s somebody like Templemind reminding us of what it’s really all about in this world. As we get lost in turbulence and the war of the heart in the mind, the song is your go to when you’re feeling lost. The overall sound of the song is motivational and deep. The uplifting tones are contagious. The song is medium paced and the musical arrangement is brilliant, with your classic hard rock drum set. There are a lot of clapping sound effects and a really cool and intense guitar riff right after the chorus. The vocals directly plunge into your mind and heart. They are full of passion and determination. Check this song out for a one of a kind hard rock spiritual cleansing!